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Child Abuse Declines, Neglect Persists
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Vulnerable kids need strong adults. View an engaging video that illustrates why parents need lots of support.

The Children's Agenda

The Children's Agenda improves the health, education and success of our community's children and youth, especially the most vulnerable, through advocacy for evidence-based solutions and policy change at the local, state and federal levels.

2015 Children's Interfaith Weekend
More than half of the children in the city of Rochester live in poverty
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In The News

Tackle the Day Care Dilemma (Rochester D&C Op-Ed, 8/11/2014)
Elected officials, employers have role to play in helping working parents work

Day Care Squeeze: Rochester D&C 8/10/14
There are times when people find themselves without the ability to access child care...

Monroe County Child Care Spending Questioned - Rochester D&C, July 2014

Safety net programs reduce poverty, produce better outcomes for kids

Progress in the War on Poverty (Nicolas Kristof, NYT)

An experiment in early learning for all children


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