A positive path to adulthood has many milestones. Let’s help our children reach them all.

ROC the Future

Research informs us of key turning-points in child development that require particular attention. For instance, what happens before a child is born can affect her life trajectory, and when a child is at grade-level in reading and math through his elementary school years, he will have a much better chance of graduating high school. As part of our work, The Children’s Agenda staffs ROC the Future, a collaborative community initiative dedicated to ensuring all children receive the opportunities and support they need, from before birth to after graduation. These include essential elements for healthy growth like quality learning experiences, physical activity and play, and the encouragement of nurturing caregivers who also have sufficient support. ROC the Future serves as a catalyst to reach four overarching goals:
  1. Every Child School Ready
  2. Every Child Supported
  3. Every Child Successful
  4. Every Child Prepared for College and Career

ReadyRosie is a free mobile application that is designed to help schools and communities improve parent engagement by using mobile technology to demonstrate learning moments in day-to-day activities. The software platform is designed to foster everyday learning opportunities for youth, ages 0 to 5 years-old.

Based on the nationally recognized data-driven Strive Together model, ROC the Future is a collective impact initiative that measures and reports on more than 40 educational outcomes. It’s focus is to improve the academic achievements of the City of Rochester and its 30,000-plus students, because the needs are greatest there. Contact Jackie Campbell at jackie@thechildrensagenda.org or (585) 256-2620 x2604 to learn more.
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